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Owning a pet is more than just snuggle with them or making them do cool tricks. There are so many reasons to get a pet and so many types of pets to choose from. If you haven’t gotten your furry or scaly pandemic pal already, here are eight reasons to get one. 

Better Health 

Having a pet can develop your physical, emotional, mental health. From walking your pet around the neighborhood to snuggling them to end the day, these things can allow you to live longer. According to the CDC, it discovered that interacting with fitness activities such as playtime and walking your pet has several benefits. Some of these benefits include decreased blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and feelings of loneliness. 

Creates a routine 

As basically all of us are in fact college students, not all of us are ready for a child or even want to at all. The good thing is being a pet parent is just as great. Just like any moment of growth, your furry baby needs a routine, from breakfast at 6 a.m. to letting them have a chance to play outside during your lunch break. Creating a routine for your pet in a way creates a daily routine for yourself. Now you are able to wake up early and get more done or be able to take teach away from technology and go outside with your pet for a breath of fresh air. 


Your pet is a part of the many reasons to get up in the morning. Your pet relies on you consistently meaning that you bear a responsibility to care for them. We are the ones that feed, bathe, and take to the doctor when it is necessary. This teaches us what it means to be selfless

Relieves stress 

As mentioned previously, owning a pet can help your health. More specifically, they can also help you lower stress. With COVID-19 being extremely intense there is no way that no one is not stressed, having a pet can help you get through these tough times. Studies have shown that spending quality time with your pet can cause an increase in oxytocin levels. Oxytocin is also known as the “love hormone”, allowing a decrease in stress and an increase in mood. 


They are your at-home best friend! It is great always having a companion excited to see you when you come home. Pets are very loyal and provide so much love and friendship. They can be your biggest supporter, best tv binger, and warmest snuggler. 

Fun fact: Cats can sense your change in mood and tell when you may be sad. 

More involvement 

When you get a pet, it is a whole new world. Everything is different. You notice all the cute animals, you see a lot more animal pages on your explore page, and more importantly, you see when you need to make a change. Often time, once you get a pet you want to be able to help other animals whether close or far. It may be by joining organizations, supporting more ethical shops (you always should), and being more cautious of your decisions that may affect animals. 

Jasmin Small

Valdosta '23

Hey ladies!! I am a student Valdosta State University. (Class of 2023 WHOOP WHOOP) I major in journalism and minor in mass media. I'm a pretty fun person to be around (at least I hope that I am).
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