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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

First thing’s first, if you’re in college, chances are you know what it means to be broke. It means that miserable cup of Ramen will be breakfast, lunch and dinner. It means calling your parents at 3 p.m. on a beautiful Saturday crying because you have no money and all of the dining halls are closed. It means waking up after a long night out and thinking “Wow, I was smart about my spending last night!” Only to find your bank account balance to be -$.35. Most of all, it means extra, unneeded stress. College is stressful enough as is, so get a side hustle girl. It will make life easier.

Side hustles can be anything from braiding hair, photography, selling embroiders to baking. Find something you’re good at, and figure out a way to make money off of it. Now, in college your first priority is and always will be your grades and that crisp, clean degree. But, financial struggles, which are extremely common among college students, always seem to take the wheel. You can get a job of course, but it seems like most jobs either could care less about your school schedule and schedule you whenever they want, or they don’t schedule you at all. Side hustles can be empowering and fun, and also keep you from having to hit rock bottom every month.

In this day and age, marketing yourself can be almost too easy. Post your services on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, wherever you deem fit. Have your friends share your posts to spread the word. Getting yourself out there and using your talents to make some extra cash can be a fairly simple process, if you put your all into it.

If you don’t have a talent that you consider marketable, babysitting can be a great go to (unless you hate kids, of course). Sites such as care.com offer you the space to create your own profile, and apply for nanny, babysitting AND dog sitting jobs in your area. You’d be surprised how well some parents will pay you to babysit their kids on their date night every week. Not only are you giving them a break from parenting, but you’re making a profit too.

Side hustles can be a great thing and can make your life as a college student a slightly easier one. Now get out there and make money off something you’re good at! (p.s. please don’t write essays for money, you will get kicked out of school and die).




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