Shooting Your Shot: The Pros & Cons

Shooting your shot can be scary for obvious reasons, but we can’t live in fear forever! When you think about it, we’re all here because SOMEONE had to shoot their shot. There are some outcomes you might want to consider before taking it to the hoop, so here are some pros and cons to shooting your shot.

PRO –You could make the shot: These situations don’t always end terribly. The other player could be crushing on you just as much as you’re crushing on them!

CON – You might shoot an air ball: The fear of rejection is always present when it comes to these types of situations. The best thing to do is prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

PRO – Confidence builder: Even if you get rejected, at least you’ve gained the courage to talk to the opposite sex! Now you know what to expect when shooting the next shot. We can label the first one as a practice shot.

CON – Friend Zone: Being put in the friend zone can be a humbling experience. Just keep in mind that friendships have potential to turn into anything!

PRO – A way to make a new friend: So what if you’re in the friend zone! Maybe the universe is telling you that you’re not compatible with the other player. There’s no harm in making new friends! Who knows, maybe the other player has cuter friends?

CON – It may ruin a friendship: If you plan on shooting your shot on someone who you’re already friends with, things may get rocky if the shot is missed. The entire friendship might turn into a big, awkward mess and it may not ever be the same afterwards. Make sure you understand what you’re risking.

CON – You thought you shot a three, but it was a two-pointer: There’s nothing worse than shooting a successful shot, then finding out the person is trash afterwards. It sucks when you waste time and effort on people who don’t deserve it. There’s nothing left to do but take the loss with pride.

Don’t let the cons deter you from shooting what could be a buzzer beater! Remember, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take! HCXO!