Senior Year DOs and DON'Ts


Your last year at Valdosta State is finally here! Whether you're set to graduate "on time" and are entering your fourth year or you've been a senior for longer than some people have been in school, graduation finally seems within reach this time around. Senior year can seem like the make it or break it point of your college career and can spur students to latch on to an extreme mindset to rectify some past habits, such as caring too little or too much about school. But hiding away in the library the entire semester or going out every other night isn't the answer. Our final year needs balance.

Here are a few DOs and DON'Ts to help us seniors find that happy medium.

Don't Procrastinate

This is coming from someone who only an hour ago started her graduation application, found one question that takes more than a few seconds to answer and decided it can wait until next week. I get it. I suffer from chronic procrastination and have never found a cure. However, putting things off until the last minute does nothing but provide temporary relief in exchange for a permanent state of anxiety. We can't say "I'll get my sh*t together next year" anymore. We can't keep procrastinating dealing with our chronic procrastination.

Do Listen to Your Body

Sometimes college makes us feel that we must push ourselves past our limits in order to succeed, but setting healthy boundaries and taking some time to ourselves is the key to success. Make sure you follow DON'T #1 so that you have time for self care days. Pushing through 8 hour study sessions while running on pizza and coffee may have been our aesthetic of choice freshman year. But let's face it, we're getting old and need to start listening to our bodies when they're telling us they need a break or some outdoors time. And if you're wondering if your body is ever telling you it needs a third frappé this week instead of water, it's not.

Don't Settle for Bad Relationships

Whether your in a committed relationship, continuing Hot Girl Summer into fall or are enjoying a season of singleness, senior year is not the year to put up with others' bullsh*t. It's time to say "thank you, next" to partners or friends who invalidate your feelings, only hit you up when they need you, critique your every move, etc. If you don't feel like you can be your most authentic self around them and actually feel worse about yourself when y'all hang out, chances are they don't deserve your time or energy. Side note: don't settle for bad sex either. 

Do Something Out of the Ordinary

This is the time to rack up stories about the good ol' college days. Say yes for once when someone invites you to a party. Go to Cookout with your friends at one in the morning on a Tuesday. Take advantage of the free gym class you've been eyeing. Shoot your shot.

Ultimately, senior year is about you and celebrating your success. Reward yourself with some self care and make some memories while you're still here. And don't let chronic procrastination or bad relationships get in the way of your goals and bring you down. Find what works for you and come up with some DOs and DON'Ts for your last semester(s). I'm so proud of how far you've come!