Scoop'N'Score Recap!

On Monday, Her Campus Valdosta State partnered with Creative Media and CWVSU, on the second annual Scoop'N'Score event! Let's recap what happened and what we learned from this super informative and yummy event!

First, we started off with a little bit (A LOT) of ice cream.

And then we got to add toppings! 

Much to the surprise of everyone who chose toppings, as the event began, it was revealed that each topping was matched with a specific STD! Whatever toppings you had is whatever STDs you now had for the course of the event.

Information about all of the STDs was presented, as well as information about having safe sex, wearing condoms, and ways to prevent receiving and/or giving an STD to a sexual partner.

At the conclusion of the Prezi presentation, our very own Event Coordinator, Tatyana Phelps, lead a panel discussion with audience input about various questions like:

1. What do you think is the correct number of sexual partners for a person to have?

2. If you find out you have an STD, would you tell your previous/current/future sexual partners?

3. Who is responsible for buying the condoms and being prepared for sexual intercourse in the relationship?

The discussion from the panel and the audience input led to some agreement and some differences in opinion.

At the end of the program, we could all agree that being aware of what is happening with your body is important and being able to make educated decisions on how you conduct yourself sexually is very important.

All in all, walking away from this experience, I can truly say I am more educated about STD awareness and safety! 

Remember, you can get tested for STDs for FREE at the Student Health Center behind Georgia Hall. 

Be safe, be smart, and get tested! HCXO!