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Lately, I have been seeing a lot of videos romanticizing the lives of other people. Typically, the video shows pictures and videos of them traveling across the world and visiting all these unique places. Sometimes, the video is about all the cool activities they get to do and experience with their friends in their hometown. However, the more I watched these videos, the more I wanted to have a life like theirs. This led me to believing that the life I was living was not up to the standards, successes, or enjoyment I was seeing from the lives of others. This is where I got to thinking, “I need to romanticize my own life.”

Now, I know there have also been videos coming out about this particular topic. I have seen a few “regular” people collaging a bunch of silly videos together under a specific audio to romanticize their life. However, I wonder if these videos are actually making someone feel like they have an aesthetic life in their own unique way, or if they are solely to be a part of the trend. Maybe it all depends on the creator and how they feel about the video. Although, I feel like it is very important for the creator, or anyone for that matter, to really feel like their life is as equally beautiful as someone else’s life no matter the social differences.

To truly romanticize your life and experiences, you need to stop comparing yourself to the videos you may be exposed to. I know they are incredibly aesthetic, what dreams are made of, and can easily make you want to be a part of their world. However, these beautifully aesthetic videos are not solely based on what the person is doing, where they are located, or how they are dressed. The real beauty behind these videos are the experiences made and happiness created that really drive your emotions into their lifestyle. This notion can easily be replicated in your own life so long as you are making experiences matter and creating that happiness within yourself.

I want you to take a seat, take a second, and really reminisce on your own, personal life. What are all the quirky little adventures you have been on? Who are the people that surround these adventures? Do you adventure on your own from time to time? What things have you done that make you smile? Are there things you still look forward to doing? How are you setting your goals to accomplish those things? Now, take all those things and visualize them. Create your own personal video in your mind and try to tell me that your life is not worth romanticizing.


I hope you all see just how amazing, wonderful, and special your life is! I know it can be a struggle from time to time, but I advise you to never get too caught up in the negatives. If you only think about the negatives, the negatives are all you will ever receive. Have hope! Have faith! And if not, I will do it for you! Your life matters, and it is just as aesthetically beautiful as the next.


Hello, my name is Belle! I am an Interior Design Major, Environmental Studies Minor at VSU with an Associate of Art degree from CCGA. I am excited to be here and a part of Her Campus until the Spring of 2024!
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