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Recovering From Homecoming

Homecoming is over and reality is setting in. Getting back into the swing of things can be hard and sometimes overwhelming and while we all enjoy a good time, we have to remember we came to college to get degrees. Here are a couple of recovery tips to get you back on track!

Get in a Routine

Midterms are out the way and finals are right around the corner. It’s time to re-orientate! Your homecoming week was probably full of procrastination, tardies and late work, but that’s all over now and no matter how hard it may seem, you have to keep going.

Cross all the party details out of your calendar and replace them with library study times, turn your alarm back on, and get back in your routine.


Most college students probably spent their homecoming week drinking everything but water. Your body is craving those electrolytes. Your muscles are burnt out and it’s nearly impossible to be a properly functioning student without it. Her Campus Valdosta recommends drinking Neuro, but only after you’ve written that paper. 


Get Some Sleep

Whether it’s homecoming or not it can be hard for a college student to find the time to catch some Zs, but sleep is important for us mentally, physically, and (in our case) academically.  

Self Motivation

You have to want it for yourself. It can be anything from going to the gym to boost your confidence to placing sticky notes filled with motivational quotes on your mirror. It’s going to feel good getting that A knowing you could do it all along.

Push through! The semester is almost over!


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