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Recovering from Baby Fever

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

Your 20s are the years where adulting is inevitable. You’re constantly thinking about your career, friendships, family, and love life. With all of this happening, it is quite common for us to get baby fever! Maternity photo shoots, baby videos on Facebook from all of your classmates, gender reveal parties, and all things “baby” have us on edge! Here are a few ways to keep your baby fever under control if you know you’re not ready for a mini-me right now. 

1. Can you really afford a baby right now? You can barely afford a college life, let alone an actual life! 

2. Think about the lack of sleep you’ll get. Sleeping at night is the only thing pushing us to finish the day strong. Imagine how sleep deprived you would be with a baby!

3. Babysit. Babysitting will show you how much patience you’ll need to have a child 24/7. 

4. Watch a birthing video. When you’re done, ask yourself if you’re ready to experience that!

We know it’s hard to resist the cute babies, but you can do it!


My name is Sameena! I am a criminal justice major at Valdosta State University!
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