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Quick and Affordable: Synthetic Hair?

When it comes to hair, I am extremely indecisive. One week I want some braids and the next I want a sleek bob. New hair styles become an investment and while being a college student things can get pretty expensive. Every time I want to get some bundles I think about how long I want this hair style then the price. You can spend over $200 for some 100% Brazilian human hair which is not guaranteed great quality. But what if you don’t want a long term hair style and you don’t want to spend all that money? What if you don’t want to damage your hair? The answer my friends is human/synthetic mixed hair. Yes, I said it. Synthetic hair.

Let’s say your birthday is in a week and you want to look drop dead gorgeous. You want a full deep blue weave down your back. Now, you have to find some quality hair, a great colorist, and some who can do a great sew-in. Or, you can go to your local beauty supply store, pick up some pre-dyed human/synthetic hair and make a quick wig. If you take care of the hair like not wetting it, not curling it, and brushing it several times a day this hair can last you up to 3 weeks. Shake-N-Go Malaysian Ironed Texture Straight sells a 7 bundle piece with a closure for $25.

After you get supplies for your wig you’ve only spend about $35 for a new, trendy style. I know not everyone knows how to make a wig so check out this video where girls use and talk about their experience with synthetic hair while making a wig. There has always been a concerned about the quality of synthetic hair and that it won’t last. But if you just want something quick for next few weeks, this is the best way to achieve a cute and affordable look.






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