There used to be a time where African Americans were praised for attending college, no matter what university they chose. As an African American there is already pressure placed on us to choose the right major and to be able to pay for the school of our choice, but now choosing an HBCU or a PWI is added to the list. If you ask me attending college as a minority should be an accomplishment on its own; however, there is a never-ending debate on social media that begs a differ.

“I feel as though my friends who attend HBCU's look at me as a sell out because I just wanted to get an education I can afford. I attend a PWI because its where my life allowed me to go at the time.” - Juwan H.


 “People who attend HBCU’s have to understand. In the real world, there are not people who look like you so you need to be able to adjust and know how to live in an environment you are not comfortable in” - Ashunti G. 


“I think it's interesting to see how the black student population trumps in student leadership. Like it's our obligation to not only perform well in class but to reign supreme in all areas of the collegiate life.” - Arlundis 

College is difficult in general and this whole debate is unnecessary. I bet colonizers don’t have a debate on what institution they are attending.  No matter if you attend a PWI or an HBCU there will always be pros and cons to the institution of your choice and not every day will be enjoyable. (For instance, sometimes I don’t like attending Valdosta State) But the truth is, college is what you make it. It is up to you if you would like a more cultured experience in an environment where everyone looks similar not twitter. I chose a campus that offered a wide variety of students and that’s my choice. At the end of the day, it is your college experience and it is what you want in life. We should be praising each other for attending college. Remember back in the 1600's no one would have ever thought that an African American would attend school but look at us now.