Pros and Cons of Working in Retail

Having a job means independence, consistent paychecks, and an even busier schedule. Whether you work in a restaurant, grocery store, or at Valdosta mall every job has its benefits and setbacks. Here are the pros and cons of working in the retail industry!


1. Rude Customers: You may be the best at what you do and having the perfect day; but once that one customer comes in and you don’t have what they were looking for, your day is ruined. Even if you give them perfect customer service, something about their day was less than perfect so it’s a must that yours follow suit!

2. Annoying/Lazy Co-Workers: Once everyone at your job realizes just how good you are it seems like everyone counts on you for everything. Whether it’s to take their shift, come in early or stay later than you’re supposed to, making sure the store runs is your job. Yet somehow you’re not a manager! For all of us who have worked, there is always that one co-worker that makes our shift feel longer than it really is. If we never worked another shift with them again life would be a little sweeter!

3. Holiday Season: We’re coming up on the beloved holiday season. Trying to find the perfect gift for our family and friends can be somewhat enjoyable if you start early enough, like now! But often times when working in retail it seems like everyone waits until right before the holidays to find presents for their family and friends. Not to mention Black Friday, the ultimate shopping day! A day full of yay’s and nays. 


1. Employee Discount: Now that you have a consistent paycheck, you have money to spend on all the products you get to sell. We are all thankful for the employee discounts we receive on top of discounted items. And guess who gets to see what’s new and on sale this week before anybody else!

2. Regulars: Although every once in a while you get a rude customer, there are those few that come in once a week and make your day! Whether it’s their conversation, enthusiasm or appreciation for your service— these customers help you remember you actually like waking up for work.

3. Pay Day: This is the day that makes all those ups and downs worth it. Knowing that you’ve worked hard and can financially reap the rewards is an amazing feeling. What’s even better is if you also get commission on those sales that took longer than they probably should have, but your patience saw you to the finish line!HCXO!