Preparing For Your Grad Photo Shoot

The best part about preparing for graduation is taking your graduation pictures. You finally get to take a break from all of the stressful schoolwork and job applications to do something fun and creative! One word you want to be for your shoot is PREPARED. Here are some tips to make sure you’re good to go for your pictures!

1. Bring water

It may seem like you’re going to be taking pictures and keeping it simple, but you never know how hot it may be, how much walking you’ll be doing, or how long you may take. Make sure you stay hydrated.

2. Do your research beforehand

It’s good to know what poses you might want to do and where you want to do them before you get to the shoot. Remember, your photographer is only snapping the photos.

3. Bring a friend 

Having a friend there to make sure everything is running smoothly is always beneficial. They know what your preferences are so they can help you pose, fix your outfits, and anything else.

4. Stay positive 

No matter what happens that day, don’t let anything ruin your mood because you don’t want that to show in your pictures.

5. Communicate with your photographer

 It’s important that both of you are on the same page if you want the best outcome for your photos.

Use these tips and your pictures will turn out great! HCxo!