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After being asked how I perfect my twist-out so many times, I have decided to just write my most helpful tips. These are the steps that I take every time I do my twist-out, which is every week. If you follow these tips your curls will be as popping as mine. Keep reading to see how easy it is to perfect my go to twist-out.


1. Wash & Condition Hair

Every week I try to wash and deep condition my hair. This is to ensure that your hair is clean and free of dirt and excess product build up. Deep conditioning your hair regularly helps your hair to grow faster and to not break off as easily.


2. Detangle

Once my hair is freshly washed and conditioned I begin my detangling process. I use my trusty tangle teaser for this which cuts down on detangling time dramatically.


3. Moisturize, Twist, & Seal

After you detangle you want to begin applying your preferred products. I like using products that will keep my hair moisturized and that are also light weight. My products that I cannot live without are the Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Intense Moisturizer, African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Leave-In Conditioner, and I seal it with Coconut Oil.  This combination is BOMB! After doing all of this I like to just grab me however much hair I want and I begin twisting. My twisting direction doesn’t really matter to me. After you are done I like to rub coconut oil across my entire head of twist to lock everything in.

5. Air Dry

You have finally twisted your entire head. Now make sure to allow your twist plenty of time to completely dry. If all of your twists are not dry completely then your twist-out will not turn out right. I find that by sleeping with the ceiling fan on high really gets the job done. If you put your silk bonnets on your wet twist then it will take longer for your twist to dry, so invest in a silk pillow case.


6. Untwist

Once the twists are dry completely, I like to put moisturizer or coconut oil in my hand and begin untwisting and separating my hair. How big you want your hair is up to you, but when I separate my hair I usually like to separate one strand like 2-3 times. I enjoy big hair.

Hopefully, this helped many out who were inquiring about how to perfect the basic twist-out.

Happy Twisting.


Hillary Griffin is a Business Marketing major and Advertising and Promotions minor at Valdosta State University. She is a 4'11, natural haired girl with a love for all things makeup. Experiencing life the right way is her main goal in life.
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