Paris on Our Minds

On Wednesday, November 18th the Valdosta community gathered to show its support for Paris in light of the recent tragedy.

Both students and the public were invited by the French and Arabic Clubs alongside the Department of Modern and Classical Languages.

Candles were provided to anyone who attended and made for a comforting environment. 

This event gave people an opportunity to sort through their feeling of the terrors in Paris.

Those who attended were encouraged to come forth with their thoughts.

Some felt angry and others had watery eyes.

One thing everyone had in common was the wanting for peace.

Many people agreed on the idea that we must all be strong. Not only for Paris, but the other countries in pain. 

It was said that we cannot live our lives in fear because of what has happened.

Paris and other countries in pain are in the thoughts of VSU students and our fellow Valdosta residents. 

"We must bring our own light to the darkness" -Charles Bukowski