An Open Letter to My Ex

To My Ex,

It's 2 o'clock a.m, and I find myself thinking of you. Not because I miss you and want to give us another try, but because I can honestly say that I’m free from all the pain and agony I felt when I was with you. When I first met you there wasn’t an instant attraction, it was your constant pursuit for me that drew me closer and closer. I never thought that way down the line you would become my biggest mistake. Our relationship was built on lies, and now as I look back I begin to wonder if everything you ever told me was a lie. You were unfaithful throughout our entire relationship; I don’t think you ever really loved me. You had me in a trance I never knew I was in; luckily I was able to break free. I gave you my heart and you were my first love. You shared other firsts with me, some of which you did not deserve. As I reflect on our relationship I realized that you were not to blame. Even though you were a master manipulator I can only blame myself. I should never have allowed someone to validate my self-worth or depict my happiness! Despite the hell you put me through, I don’t regret our relationship one bit. Believe it or not you taught me how to love and value myself, and to never let anyone  take away my happiness. I was broken when I was with you, but I can honestly say that our relationship has molded me into a stronger woman. I will never forget the pain you put me through, but I do forgive you, not for your sake but for mine. I wish you the best of luck!


A mended heart