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One Major Reason You Should Sleep Naked

Either because Adam and Eve screwed up, the Neanderthals needed winter protection, or some other extenuating circumstances plagued the early humans, living in the buff is no longer the social norm for most of us today.

In fact, unless we're taking a bath, having sex, or sitting in a towel staring at the wall after a shower, our bodies are typically clothed regardless of whether or not we're awake. Think about it: we get dressed up to lie asleep for hours when that's the only substantial amount of time we could be naked. We spend big bucks on pajamas each year, even buying different pajamas for each season or special holiday. What if pajamas are really just a scam though?

There are so many benefits to sleeping in the buff (such as letting your skin and vagina breathe), but many of us are still not ready to commit. Here's one major reason that finally pushed me to declare my bed a clothes-free zone.

You'll Feel Sexier​

That's right. If you want to feel sexy while catching some zzz's, ditch those expensive Victoria's Secret pajamas for your birthday suit!

It can be hard to accept your body in its natural state. We are inundated with retouched images of bodies without cellulite, acne, or saggy boobs, making us believe that our bodies can achieve the same ideal and must cover up our "flaws" while striving to do so.

However, instead of shaming your body because it doesn't look a certain way, appreciate your body for all it does to keep you alive and for all it has gone through with you. Yours is the only body you go to bed with each night and wake up with every morning. Therefore, strive to have an intimate relationship with it and to be comfortable and confident in your own skin, with and without clothes. 

When I finally abandoned my old sleep shirt and let my body exist naturally while I slept, I noticed I felt more at home in my body throughout the rest of the day. Show your body some love and free the nipple and everything else while you slumber tonight!


Presley Lovins

Valdosta '20

Presley is a raging feminist studying communication and dance at Valdosta State University. City girl from Atlanta, she loves all things classic rock and is passionate about empowering women. In her free time Presley enjoys yoga, poetry and painting.
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