Kristen Bryant-Winky Face With Pills

My Experience with Birth Control

I’ll admit, I knew absolutely nothing about birth control before I started. I knew that 1. It prevented pregnancy and 2. I may or may not get my period. Immediately, I was sold on the idea even before I was sexually active. Even my Gynecologist reaffirmed my choice. What he failed to notify me of were the consequences.

I received my first round of Depo August 8th, 2018, the night before attending a college three hours from home. That sent me down a spiral of sweat and depression. I was consistently sweaty, I always awoke with a sense of dread, and simple things made me cry. When I started dating my boyfriend, he told me the Starbucks was out of brownies. I immediately felt a sudden sadness and tears started to swell in my eyes. That’s when I knew there was something seriously wrong. It wasn’t homesickness. For the longest, I thought I was just being emotional due to change, but it was something different. This, along with constantly spotting for almost three months, solidified my notion. That had been the last straw. By then I had taken two rounds of Depo, and estrogen pills for the spotting. Nothing had subsided! I was still sweaty, depressed, and paying a shit ton on feminine products. I was absolutely miserable. I was unhappy with life and my choice. To make matters worse, I started noticing a change in my hair. It was dry, brittle and the left side had been shortened significantly. My hair was literally falling out. After consistent complaints, I was switched to an oral contraceptive, making that two birth controls at once. On top of being miserable, I was consistently nauseous, but at least I wasn’t sweaty. I was told to give it three months. So, I gave it four for good measure and called again to change my birth control.

In a year, I’ve used a total of four birth controls, but I’m not saying this to discourage anyone. I’m actually happy with my current choice. It still has its side effects, but nothing is perfect. That’s why you have to do your research before choosing the right birth control for you. There are pros and cons to taking any medication, and not everyone’s body is the same. Some people are fine with minimal problems, and others are absolutely wrecked. Never accept the side effects. If it feels wrong to speak to your Gynecologist. Ask them about the known side effects and complaints. They are there to help you. Change is fine and it can make a world of difference.