Meet KKV

On the corner of Baytree and Alden Avenue you may notice a small building that was once known for selling all things nerdy. This corner has undergone a major transformation, becoming the home of Kelly's Kloset Valdosta! KKV, the nickname affectionately given by customers, is a locally owned business that specializes in embroidery and monogramming! From a small boutique to specialty designed t-shirts, owner Kelly Ray is overflowing with creativity! I was able to stop by the corner store and meet Kelly, and check out the shop.

HC: Hey Kelly! Tell us a little bit about how KKV got started.

Kelly: It started with a simple pocket tee shirt from home. I bought myself a one needle monogram machine and then it just became busier and busier. I made a Facebook page, not knowing it would end up with almost 40k likes almost 2 years later! I ended up jumping out on a whim and opening a store front. Valdosta has been very, very good to me. I have customers from all over the United States that we ship to weekly. If it wasn't for my husband and family's support, I wouldn't be where I am today. Or especially for my loyal customers that shop KKV every time they need something. [Smiles].

HC: That's awesome! This little idea that became an overnight success is such an inspiration. What all does KKV offer to the Valdosta community?

Kelly: We specialize in monogramming, t-shirts, gifts, and boutique clothes. We are basically a one stop shop!

HC: That sounds like quite the shopping experience. What is your favorite part of owning & operating your own business?

Kelly: I love being able to work for myself. It gets very stressful at times, but I love making my customers happy and knowing KKV did it. 

HC: What is the one thing that you hope customers remember after shopping with you?

Kelly: I hope people remember the customer service and friendly faces when they come. We want people to know we treat others like family and not just as any other customer.

HC: That's a great goal to aim for! Recently you partnered with us to donate a few of your hot button items for our giveaways this school year! Are you excited to work with us and hope reach more of the VSU community?

Kelly: I think it's an awesome idea! We don't have a whole lot of college kids shop at KKV and if I can help out something local and hey, VSU students find out about us, that's even better! My husband went to VSU, so I love giving back!

HC: I know that our organziation is excited about our partnership & is looking forward to future giveaways and events! Before we leave this interview, do you have any last thoughts you would like to share about KKV?

Kelly: We just want everyone to know that KKV is not like any other business. We love to give back to the community and we don't do it for publicity that shows off KKV or anything like that. We do it because my husband, Clay, and I love to give back to anyone! We want Valdosta to know that KKV is here to help in any way. My employees and myself love working. KKV is a fun place to come in and shop. We love to tell stories and we love to hear everyone's stories when they come in. Like I have said, I truly appreciate the support of the community and the customers that continue to shop with us.

Thank you KKV for supporting our chapter! Make sure to check out KKV for your next gift, monogram, or party favor need! HCXO!