#ManCrushMonday: Paul Walker

In honor of the Furious 7 trailer that dropped this past weekend, we've decided to make Paul Walker our #MCM. This was the last movie he made before his accident and death and it's the seventh part of the franchise he will forever be remembered for. We're thankful for his major contributions to the entertainment industry because it wouldn't have been the same without him! Read on to see why Paul Walker made the perfect man crush this Monday!

His Eyes

My goodness. His eyes were as blue as the ocean he splashed around in in Into the Blue. How I would've loved to get lost in those! *swoons*

His Smile

Ahhh... That boyish grin gets me everrrrytime.

He Was Charitable

Paul started his own charity, Reach Out Worldwide, which was an organization that provided relief efforts to areas affected by natural disasters. Nothing better than giving back!

He Was An Incredible Actor

From Takers to Joy Ride to Varsity Blues, Paul Walker took on a wide variety of roles and executed them all flawlessly. He's won numerous awards such as an MTV Movie Award for Best Duo shared with Vin Diesel and Young Hollywood's Exciting New Male Face. Boy, how we loved to see him on the big screen!

His Body

Yeah, I'm just going to leave this here. You're welcome.

He Loved Animals

Paul majored in marine biology in college. A guy who loved animals just as much as I do! So basically, I was right when I knew we were a match made in heaven. :)


Paul Walker truly made an impact on this world and his work didn't go unnoticed. Gone but most certainly never forgotten. Furious 7 is set to release April 3, 2015. Make sure you catch Paul's last time gracing us with his presence. RIP Paul Walker!