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Making What You Wear Count: YGA Movement

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

Lately there has been a push on social media and IRL to make what you wear make a difference. From wearing sustainable/vegan clothing brands to wearing brands that contribute to charity or support your favorite causes, we are paying more attention to what we buy and what stories we are telling with our clothing. We want to look good but also feel good about how we are presenting ourselves.

Get you a brand that can do both!

The up-and-coming brand YGA (@yga.movement) was featured in last week’s article. To recap, YGA stands for Young, Gifted and Amazing and is not only a dope clothing brand but more importantly a movement to inspire our youth to follow their dreams. 

I had the pleasure of interviewing the creative mind and entrepreneur behind YGA, Terrance Porter (@itscheeno). He’s a chill, genuine and soulful guy who will hype you up and believe in you when you have a goal or idea no matter how far out you think it may be. That’s exactly what he’s doing for our youth through YGA: inspiring young people to chase their dreams and stand for something they believe in.  

What was the inspiration behind YGA?

I got the idea back in July 2019, put in the work in August and launched in September. I love fashion and clothes in general. Why not do something I love and give back? Giving back is what makes me the most happy. If I influence one person, I achieved my life goal.

I am who I am today because I had mentors to show me the way. That’s why HALF OF ALL PROCEEDS ARE DONATED TO LOCAL YOUTH PROGRAMS, such as after-school programs, dance, sports, music and arts. 

Can you elaborate on YGA’s message? 

I want young people to follow their dreams. If something makes them happy, I want them to push for it without the fear of their parents not accepting what they want to do, etc.

Our generation and the generations that follow us are gonna change the world.  And for that to happen, we need to put time, effort, and resources into developing minds so they can unlock their full potential. This is the time when our minds are molded for the future.

What’s in store for YGA’s future? 

In the near future, I’ll release my first line. Right now it’s just launch gear; but in January or February, there will be multiple shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, etc.

How would you describe YGA’s style?

Casual, nothing too flashy, wearable. The design is important obviously, but the purpose and the message is what’s most important.

Here’s the link to YGA’s online store. Please go check it out, support the cause and make what you wear count! Some of the best conversations are started over a t-shirt. You never know who you’ll inspire. HCXO!

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