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M.A.G.: Inside Edition

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

“We’re well-known because our hard work and dedication is shown through our work. Behind the scenes we’re family and stand together as one also.” – Ayannie Thomas, Junior, current Secretary of Media Arts Geniuses  

Sitting in the M.A.G. meeting last Sunday was a bit intimidating. I didn’t know what to expect. This is an organization known for having popular events on campus, being asked to collaborate with many different groups, and for showcasing talent around campus. As successful of an organization as M.A.G. is, you can imagine how I felt being surrounded by such talented individuals.

As soon as the members walked in, they were so welcoming to one another. They greeted each other, made light fun of each other, and started to catch up. I almost felt as if I was at a reunion because they treated each other like family.

Everyone sat with their committees: Media Team, Performers. Public Relations, and Event Planning Committee. As soon as the meeting started they all came together, stopped joking around and buckled down to business. 

During the final minutes of the meeting, some members got up to show what they wanted to present at their Evening of Geniuses event coming up. One member, a performer, got a bit nervous. Luckily, they all encouraged her to keep going. The members of M.A.G. are so supportive of each other, it’s no wonder they have built such a great bond.

“Even though we’re big, we’re close whether personally or just for the love of the organization.” – Dariel Dickson, Sophomore, Media Arts Genius Public Relations Member

Founders of MAG: Chad Lawson (left) and Juwan Andrews (right) 

“[Chad Lawson] and I both have our own reasons  for why we wanted to start MAG, but both stories correlate, in a sense. Few people know that I was actually about to transfer before creating Media Arts Geniuses. Yes, I was planning to transfer to Georgia State or Kennesaw. I felt like I wasn’t fulfilling my purpose at VSU — I was bored. Instead of transferring, the summer following the conclusion of my freshmen year, Chad and I began drafting the idea of creating an organization. Chad had introduced me to Abriel Blake, who was a talented singer. After I heard her sing and saw the excellent work and seeing what Chad did with his photography, I made it my personal goal to get them showcased. I wanted everyone to know how talented they were, and I found no pedestal on campus to accomplish that goal. This led to the formation of MAG, where we created the pedestal for everyone to showcase their talents. Never in my wildest dreams would I think that it would blow up this big.” – Juwan Andrews, Junior, current President of Media Arts Geniuses

Brandon Osbourne, Media Arts Genius Media Team Member, at the premiere of his film “The Clue”

“I wanted to find an organization that catered to my goal of being a cinematographer and was new enough to be a great basis to grow in the field, technique and performance. It’s helped with my self-confidence. I was really nervous and unknown and this year I gained the courage to do a short film.”- Brandon Osbourne

M.A.G. is only a little over a year old and has gotten a great amount of respect and recognition. It serves as a platform for students to showcase their talents to others and to really express themselves! They’ve helped set the stage for people to perform spoken word, singing, dancing, acting, cinematography, photography, videography, event planning, public relations, and more! 

Carla Paige, Media Arts Genius Performer, dancing at “The Premiere” 

Tyrell Ruffin, Media Arts Genius Performer, who won the title of Mr. VSU of 2013-2014

Deiera Evans, Media Arts Genius Performer, performing Spoken Word at VSU’s Got Talent

“M.A.G. has helped me reach a lot of people through my spoken word. I perform in order to glorify God and promote change, and the large audiences that M.A.G. attracts help me achieve this goal. M.A.G. has made me a better team player and a better leader. Prior to joining, I wasn’t a team player at all! I always took the lead and I was never happy when someone else was in charge. I learned how to be a better leader because I watched how Juwan and Chad practice servant leadership, meaning they’re the bosses, but they use their positions to make the members happy.” – Deiera Evans, Junior,  Media Arts Genius Performer 

Rodrick Stillwell, Media Arts Genius Member, on the flyer of his show “For the Love of Rod” 

M.A.G. is an organization that supports all of its members in any media they choose. Rodrick Stillwell wanted to do a parody of the show For the Love of Ray J, and so the Media Team put it together. They’ve also recently added dance to their list of talents!

“How has/will M.A.G. help me in the long run? I’m a nursing major. It’ll help me to be more open and talk to people and to be able to speak to people about how I feel without being intimidated.” – Cedricka Lavendar

“I joined MAG because I [sing] but I’m too nervous. I’m very good at seeing the talent in others. I’m a PR major and this organization helps me with that by disserting information and working with others and seeing people’s passions and having M.A.G. be the outlet for them.” – Ayannie Thomas

Although M.A.G. has blown into a popular organization, these members don’t let it get to their heads. “Sleep when you’re dead!” is what Juwan always tells his members. He encourages them not to procrastinate and assures them that they can and will achieve whatever they put their minds to.

“I don’t think people know how much hard work it takes to become a member and remain a member. Everyone isn’t accepted. This is a prestigious organization and only the best of the best, most passionate and most dedicated people make it.” – Deiera Evans 

Want to know more about Media Arts Geniuses?

Website: magvsu.com 



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