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Life, Love & College: 6 Ways to Tell If You’re Rebounding

1. Do you like him for him or do you like him because you’re lonely? This is an important question to ask yourself after a bad breakup when considering someone new because, during this time, you’re bound to be vulnerable and being alone can be quite the task. Finding a new guy and leading him on to keep you company is a huge sign that he’s nothing but a rebound. If you find yourself using him more so for having someone to snuggle up with when you’re lonely, then more than likely you never really liked him in the first place. Instead, tell your friends how you feel and plan fun things with them, such as movie nights.

2. Are you trying to make your ex jealous? If you find yourself going out of your way to make your ex jealous by doing petty things (like posting tons of pictures with your new boo or serving up some extra PDA when you know your ex is around), this is another sign that the person you’re currently seeing is just a tool that you’re using. We’re all grown women here; you should be able to face your feelings instead of masking them.

3. Are you comparing this new person to your ex? If you are constantly measuring the pros and cons of this new person in comparison to your ex, you simply aren’t over him. When you are ready for a new and real relationship, you will not be worried about the difference between the two.

4. If your new relationship quickly turns intimate, this could be a huge sign that he’s just a rebound. Sometimes after losing your significant other you’ll find yourself missing the components that came with that person, such as the intimacy and affection. If early on you find yourself craving these things from a new person and this behavior isn’t normal for you, this is a red flag.

5. How much time has passed since your last relationship? If it’s only been a few weeks after a bad break up, there is no way you could possibly be serious about someone new. Just be real with yourself and give your wounds time to heal before heading back into the battlefield called love.

6. Is your ex still on your mind constantly? There isn’t a problem with thinking about your ex; naturally as humans our minds tend to wander… But if your thoughts are constantly consumed by your ex, you shouldn’t be starting with someone new. If you do feel like you could possibly like this new person, you should at least have the decency to not lead him on and date him at a better time.


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