Life After a Relationship

What's good peeps! So lately I've been going through some things, and it inspired me to inspire others to spend time thriving when it comes to life after a relationship. 

Now whether you have experienced multiple breakups or you are experiencing your first break up; everyone deals a break up in a different way. You've probably heard the typical advice of spending time with your friends or moving on with someone, and that is all fine and true, but what happens when you feel lost, and unsure about yourself and who you are?

No worries! The best part about breaking up is you get to reevaluate and evolve as a person because if we're being honest, ladies and gentlemen, every past relationship has taught us something about ourselves or about life. 

When it comes to life after a relationship it is crucial to manifest positivity through the time that you are single. By doing this you can remind yourself that you don't have to worry about tending the needs and meeting the expectations of someone else. You get to abide by your own rules and live life accordingly. Whenever I experienced a break-up, I made sure to level up my vibration in order to feel more confident about myself and attract people into my life who made me feel better on a day to day basis and slowly began to get over the guy more.

Another key thing when moving without a partner is to meditate and pray for peace. Life after a relationship can be difficult to deal with especially if you have one of those crazy exes who just doesn't know how to leave you alone.

Break-ups were never meant to be easy. I'm not going to lie and say you won't have those moments where you're up late at night wanting someone to hold and cuddle you, but when you remember that all of these emotions are just part of growing and evolving to become a better you, for whoever is coming next in your life whether platonic or something more. As we go through life every experience we have is meant to teach something. So continue to grow and prosper, and never let anyone turn you away from improving yourself.