Just Do It

Many said that 2016 was the worst year---I agree. One thing we should do different this year from last, is actually doing it! You remember when you said you were going to do something but it just never happened? Let's make it happen, no matter what it is! 

1. Go to the gym/ Work out

Girls, we all say this, luckily some of get to it. Then there are some of us that do not. A little motivation: SPRING BREAK IS CLOSE!

2. Do homework for a certain amount of time 

No matter what you told yourself, do it! If you have yourself three hours, wooooah, but you have to do it! Do not give up! 

3. Applying to jobs

This is a great way to start off the year. It's the year of big moves. You should try to apply to jobs that will help you in the near future!   

4. Treat yourself 

With or without refund! Go out, buy a new outfit! or be your own Valentine!

5. Try new things

Explore the city, the state and the world! Do an activity you've never done before.  MAKE MEMORIES!

6. Eat right /Change eating habits

You said you'll eat veggies only for one day a month? A week? Only you know what you said you'll change about your eating habits, so do it!

Make 2017 one of the best years ever.  HCXO!