Isolation Doesn't Yield Success

There is a common misconception among the 20 somethings in a society that leads us to believe we have to isolate from any and everything in order to succeed. It manifests itself in things like #grindtime or #LayingLow.I, too, have fallen victim to this madness, but I'm here to share why it could definitely be a bad idea. 

1.) There's No Growth When you're steadily working hard to achieve those goals, there are often times when there could be a second opinion or someone who could give insight. When you abandon friendships or intimate relationships in order to "focus" you disqualify yourself early! 

2.) There's No Support

This is particularly important when it comes to family members. Trying to goal dig is tough already, as is, but doing it yourself without a confidence coach? It's a dark road. If you have people in your life who are interested in being a bright light for you on this journey? Let them.

3.) There's No One to Celebrate With

When you finally reach those goals, who will be there to pour that much-needed glass of wine? Allow yourself the opportunity to get those pats on the back you so deserve.


Just because it's tough doesn't mean it has to be lonely!  HCXO.