I'm STILL In Formation. Are You?


In late April of 2016, Queen Bey broke the internet yet again with another surprise album release. Her album titled Lemonade, caused controversy all over social media, and definitely sparked conversation between women everywhere. But what about this album was so controversial? Was it the fact that Beyonce might have exposed some of her own dirty laundry by accusing Jay-Z of cheating, or was it the subject matter in each song that got women everywhere ready to “get in formation”?

Well, for those people who tired of listening to the album and have had enough of Queen Bey telling ladies to get in formation, I don’t think that you really understand the significance and importance of this album. For those of you who are still bumping the album in your car, and are just as passionate about the subject matter as I am, let’s chat for a few minutes!

I decided to list all of the songs on the album and share some of my thoughts and pieces of advice that I felt were important from this internet breaking album.

Song Title: “Pray You Catch Me”

Ladies always trust your intuition! When it comes to your relationship and you begin to speculate that something may be wrong, trust that instinct, and bring it up in a conversation with your significant other. 

Song Title: “Hold Up”

Cheating is never okay. If you have to go into “crazy girlfriend” mode to stop the affair and prove to your significant other that there is no other woman like you then, by all means, be a crazy girlfriend! NOTHING is worse than seeing a good woman being taken advantage of. Stand up for yourself, and make sure you demand your respect. 

Song Title: “Don’t Hurt Yourself”

Let it be known that if your significant other messes up it’s their loss! You are special and uniquely made. What you can do for your relationship another woman can’t. Your spot is irreplaceable.

Song Title: “Sorry”

Sometimes you have to show them what they’re missing out on! Go out with your friends, have fun, take cute pictures and post adorable Snapchats of yourself. Don’t feel bad for going out and living! That phrase “you gon miss me when I’m gone” should go into effect if needed.

Song Title: “6 Inch”

Stack your paper! Girl if you don’t go out there, put on your heels and handle business then you will regret sitting around waiting for that relationship to get back good. You don’t need anyone but yourself. Remember “the best revenge is your paper.”

Song Title: “Daddy Lessons”

In my opinion, a father’s love for his daughter is a love unlike no other. A father is supposed to be the one that shows his daughter how a real man is supposed to treat her. He is supposed to teach her how to be careful with her heart and beware of the guys out there who don’t mean well.

Song Title: “Love Drought”

I see a lot of people who are in relationships that aren’t benefiting them. I think one thing that people get caught up in is the “idea” of what their relationship could be. They see the potential over the reality of a situation and it’s not doing anything but keeping them in a situation where they can only think about wanting better. Don’t allow your relationships get to the point where you feel like there’s nothing left to give. Relationships will only succeed if both partners are putting their all into it.

Song Title: “Sandcastles”

After too much, sometimes you just have to walk away. Promises aren’t meant to be broken, but if leaving a situation where you aren’t happy means that you will be happier in the end, then you just gotta do what you gotta do. You have to think about yourself before others sometimes. We can only endure so much before it takes a toll on us. If your partner isn’t giving you what you need from them, then it may be best for you to just move on.

Song Title: “Forward”

This is a turning point. You know what you’ve got to do in order to find your happiness. Move forward.

Song Title: “Freedom”

Being able to address social issues through music is something that many great artists have done in the past. Beyonce continues this trend and decides to specifically make a song that can be an anthem for black women. Freedom is one of those songs that can get you angry and motivated at the same time.   Even though this song has a direct meaning, I think that it can be interpreted in many different ways.

Song Title: “All Night”

Regardless of what you have been through in your relationships, you should be able to look at each circumstance as a lesson. Experiences help you grow if you look at them the right way. Keep pushing forward. If the right love hasn’t found you yet, it’s coming I promise.

Song Title: “Formation”

I believe this was Queen Bey’s call to action of all women. She wants women of all races to come together and be the bosses we were created to be. Recognize that YOU SLAY girl! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You were born a queen and will forever be one!


With all that said, you can see why this album was so controversial. Lemonade had women everywhere realizing the greatness within themselves, and reminding them that you can be a boss without the help of your significant other. But let’s not get it twisted. Yes, Beyonce pushes girl power and her belief in feminism was showing throughout the whole Lemonade album, but she did not let us forget that she is deep in love with her hubby Jay Z by giving him a cameo in her heartfelt song “Sandcastles.” So let’s recap! Earlier this year Mrs. Carter broke the internet with Lemonade and taught us to that we can’t allow ourselves to be run over in relationships, it’s okay to act crazy to prove a point, and if you have a real true love, fight for it because it’s definitely worth it!