How To Stay Comfy On A Rainy, Drowsy, and Cloudy Sunday!

Have you ever thought of what you could do on a rainy, wet, cloudy Sunday in Valdosta. You really don't want to leave the house so this could be just a relaxing day to do things inside. Lets see what we can come up with to keep you entertained on any given Sunday here in Valdosta!

1. Sleeping is the NUMBER ONE thing that people do on a Sunday where it is raining and they're feeling really drowsy. We can catch up on sleep that we missed out on during the week. Whether it was from extracurricular activities, staying up late because you can't sleep, doing homework all throughout the night, studying for test, etc. In college there is no such thing as sleep because we are always doing something!  So when we can get some rest, sometimes we sleep our lives away! There is NO such thing as too much sleep. On days like this it is best to lounge around, lay in bed, be lazy, and just sleep all day so we can catch up and just relax!

2. Relaxing may be the second best thing. Lounging around the house is the best you could ever do on a lazy Sunday. Being able to blast music in your apartment or dorm room, walk around in you t-shirt or pajamas, and just lounging around on your couch can complete your day of relaxing. You can also do yoga to relax your mind and body while listening to soothing music to clear your mind. When everything is done such as homework, studying, and cleaning you can just kick your feet up, have nothing to worry about and RELAX!

3. Why get out of bed to look for a parking spot when you can online shop? Computers, phones, and tablets must have been the greatest creation ever! Being able to shop while at home is great! Who wants to wait in long lines, stand up while looking around, and sometimes not get the best customer service when in a store? Online shopping has its pros and cons. The pros are that you can stay home in your bed and buy online but the cons can be waiting on your order to come in the mail. We all hate waiting and that's how in store shopping wins us over because we can get what we want right then and there. I'd much rather shop online!

4. This is the absolute day to catch up on T.V. shows you've missed during the week. You always can record on your T.V. and go back and watch them on Sunday's like this! Netflix and Hulu have movies and shows to keep you entertained all throughout the day. Lay around on your pillows snuggled up in covers can the the best thing ever!

Sunday's can be the most productive, relaxing, or laziest day of the week! What's your daily Sunday routin? Here are a few tips to keep you entertained and relaxed for the most comfy Sunday's ever!