How Not to Get the Freshman 15

Honestly, I look in the mirror everyday and say, "girllllllll you loook goood". I mean I probably have gained weight, but I think its working for me. Anyways, let me tell you how to stay away from the Freshman 15. First, eat better. In all honesty, I eat Chick-fil-A everyday. I might turn into a chicken. The meal swipe comes in handy, but it's not good for me. Also, I eat a pack of noodles everyday. I think you should eat what you want, but here and there change up your meals. Add some fruit, water or vegtables somewhere in your meal. Or next time you go shopping for some cheeto puffs, grab an apple. 

Next, try to stay physically active. The walk from your dorm to class is doing something. I promise! I walk from Patterson to Bailey twice a week. When I get there, I have to stop and take a breath! The worst part is as soon as I get in class, I eat a bag of chips. *insert shaking head emoji* Also, check out the rec center. You can work out, go to zumba, rock climb or even play basketball. 

Also, keep yourself busy! If I am in my room bored with nothing to do,  best believe I will pull out those goldfish. If you are out, hanging with friends, doing homework, watching a movie or sleep you won't snack on food. It is so easy to snack cause you're bored. 

Finally, just do whatever! Honestly, who cares about Freshman 15. Some people actually want it! So eat or don't eat. It doesn't matter, just get your education and have fun!!! We are here for a good time not a long time!