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How To Land Your Dream Job

For some of you, graduation is right around the corner and for others, not so much. Wherever you are in your college career, it’s never too soon— or to late—to start thinking of ways to get your dream job. Whether it’s working Fashion Week or landing the job in corporate America, these steps will help you get closer to landing that job!

1. Research, Research, Research.

You need to know all there is to know about your dream job! If being the director of advertising for Cover Girl Cosmetics is your dream job, you should start researching who is already in that position now. In this current day and age, everything is a quick Google search! Their name and full background is on the internet but you have to look for it.

Once you’ve found out who is fulfilling that position, you should look for their education background. What did they major in and did they further their education? Questions like these will help you figure out what adjustments you can make in your college career to fit what that field is looking for.\

2. Get Involved on Campus.

Now that you have researched all there is to know about your dream job, it’s time to put some of that knowledge into action! Ask yourself, what organizations are on campus that will develop skill sets desired in my dream work place? If your field requires a lot of leadership and communication skills, maybe join a communication-based organization and try to seek out an officer position. Getting involved in organizations lets employers know that you are more than just your GPA.  It lets them know you have good time management skills by being able to keep a great GPA, while being a part of an organization.

3. Internships

We all know internships are important. Where you intern is important, but sometimes we do not have the luxury of getting a dream internship (especially if it’s not paid) just anywhere.  Don’t sweat the location, just worry about the way you do your internship. Your internship is where you build your work reputation. Even if you hate the internship, you should give it your all as if you are working for your dream job.

These people will more than likely be giving you your letter of recommendation and you want these people to say you had extraordinary work ethic.  In order to get a critique like this, always try to finish tasks given ahead of time and ask for more tasks when you are done. When the internship is over, send a thank-you note for the experience. When they are writing your recommendation, these things will help you stand out in the best way possible.

4. Enjoy College.

This doesn’t necessarily help you land your dream job but it’s on the list!  Too often we get so worried about the future, we forget to enjoy the present. Although college is about getting prepared for your future job, it is also about making unforgettable memories with unforgettable people. So yes, do your research, get involved, and do your best during your internship but have fun as well! You’re only in college for a little while; make the very best of it!


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