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How Grown-ish Is Giving Me Life

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

I have a confession, I have watched maybe 3 episodes of Black-ish. You know that comedy sitcom on ABC starring Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross and my fav, Yara Shahidi. Yea, a black girl who has never watched Black-ish. Alright, back up off me I’ll binge watch it like I do everything else.

At the top of the year, Zoey Johnson’s life got its own spinoff show call Grown-ish on ABC affiliate channel Freeform. And guess what, your girl is obsessed— for obvious and not so obvious reasons. And that is why we’re here to stan over why this new breakout show has already been cleared for a second season and is what I wished my college experience looked like, maybe?

There is something about theme songs that really gets me going, in a good or bad way. Either I tune it out altogether or wish it was its own song. A few examples of the latter, the Smart Guy’s theme song (earlier seasons), Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, I’ll even throw in Good Times cause we’re all trying to keep our head about water, amirite? Luckily, “Grown” but Chloe x Halle also characters on the show is a full-length song, with a cute video that I need all the outfits from.

I also noticed the names of the episodes, E01 “Late Registration”, E02 “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe” and E03 “If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late”. Shout out to the fact that these titles match the mood and were inspo for me to name some of the days of my semester so far. Songs like “Bad Habits” by Maxwell featuring my habit of not wanting to go to class or “Caint Use My Phone” by Erykah Badu featuring my dead battery due to being on it all day instead of paying attention.

U Up? We’ve all gotten or sent this text before. Either you up or you aren’t!! Zoey’s two major meltdowns in episode 3 took me out and got me to thinking about the coveted late next “hoe hours” text. Should I or should I not text back? Should I hit him with the double text because I know he’s up? If you find yourself wanting to double text DON’T be like Zoey! Falling down the rabbit hole that ends up with you texting a person but really talking to yourself is not the move, ever. It was truly painful to watch that I couldn’t help but laugh. Have I been there before, not in the same context but it has taken more than a few texts for me to say what I needed to say and I ended up talking to myself to girl, it was worth it!

Love triangles are so 2012… no? Y’all still out here getting caught up with multiple people? Okay, I’m not hip to everything I see! I understand why Zoey would be interested in both Aaron and Luca. Make them into one person and I am here for it, but that’s not the case. First of all, they are both in your class. Secondly, you’re scheduling dates a little too close together. And third, you’re making rookie mistakes like being too accessible, c’mon FaceTime and Skype— pick one! I’m not saying that dating multiple people is a bad thing if you aren’t exclusive with anyone and you are upfront about where you stand and they are understanding then go for it. But these young men roast each other every chance they get and you are trying to keep it a secret.

Lastly, the wardrobe. Zoey, Yara, girl… it’s all a yes. Sure this is TV and some of these changes are just… I’ll say it unrealistic for your average freshman or even senior but nonetheless, I am here for it. The hairstyles, accessories, clothing choices and personality of our main girl Zoey are great to look at and inspiration for all of us trying to stylize our lives. Even if it’s in shambles.

Mama, look, I’m grown now (I’m grown!) or at least I’m trying.


Valdosta State University senior, majoring in Public Relations with a minor in African-American studies.  Food connoisseur, beauty sleep expert, binge watching aficionado, and avid art consumer.