How To Finnesse Dating Someone In The Military!

Dating someone in the military can be tough. It has its highs, but definitely has its lows. It’s a close-knit community! One that will look out for you and always be there for you.


So, here I am, as a Navy Brat and Air Force wife telling you how to survive it the hardest parts: Deployments.


  1. Stay Busy
  • I know you see this tip any and everywhere, however it rings so true. While they are gone, try your best to keep your mind and body stimulated with meaningful activities. Pick up some hours at work, work out, read books, join a club, anything works!
  1. Keep your Phone on High!
  • There is truly no worse feeling than looking at your phone randomly and seeing you’ve missed a call from your mil spouse! If you CAN have your phone on a high ring, I highly suggest it. I can get very detached from my phone, so this has been a life saver more than one time.
  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Reach Out to Family & Friends
  • Embrace the rough parts of this time by allowing the people who care about you support you. They will try not to be a nuisance by calling every 30 minutes, but they really want to help! Don’t go into isolation. Branch out and attempt to gain something from human interaction!
  1. Send Your Significant Other Pictures
  • It will help you all stay romantically active being able to SEE you. Encourage them to send photos too if they can! It’s all about keeping the love alive! It’ll help when things start to feel less lovey and more routine. This is especially true if you both have children or animals! They want to see you having a great time, but also love to know they’re missed!


Remember this is just a phase and is making your relationship stronger with every day go by. Whats a few months to a lifetime, y’know? - HCXO