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How to Fill in Your Eyebrows

Now, we all know that eyebrows can make or break your face, so it’s important that we keep them on-point!

Filling in eyebrows can be a bit tricky for some girls that are new to it. We all know those girls that need a little help in the eyebrow-filling department.


But we want to avoid brow disasters at ALL costs!


]First, it’s easiest to start off with freshly shaped eyebrows.

You can start with getting your eyebrows waxed

Or getting them threaded


Now, it’s time to fill in the sparse spots.

You can use brow pencils,

Brow gel,

Or even brow shadows/powders

But no matter which method you choose to fill your eyebrows in, the technique is the most important part!

For the perfect eyebrow shape, you need to follow the natural arch of your eyebrows:

a.       Outline your natural brow lightly with your pencil, gel or powder (for better results, it’s best to use a pencil).

b.       Now that your brow is slightly outlined, you can start filling them in.

  • The inner part of your brow should be the lightest shade, which gradually gets darker as you get to the end of your eyebrow.
  • Fill in your brows in the same direction as your natural hair growth.
  • Be sure to stay inside of the outline that you drew.

c.       Once you have filled in your brows, you can set the pencil or powder with a brow mascara so that your perfect eyebrows last all day.


Now you have perfect eyebrows to complement your gorgeous face! 

Make sure you keep your flawless eyebrows in shape by maintaining this filling in process and tweeze any hairs that grow outside of your outline. 

Now, you never have to worry about bad eyebrow days again!




Hi! I'm Elena! I'm a junior at Valdosta State University from Carrollton, GA. I'm a Business Management and Marketing major with a minor in Spanish. I love fashion and beauty and am intrigued by naturally curly hair. #CurlyHairedGirlsRunTheWorld IG: @elenaChantel_ Twitter: @elenaChantel_ Tumblr: elenaChantel.tumblr.com
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