How to Enjoy Fall When it Still Feels Like Summer

Fall is one of the best seasons that brings a change of scenery, temperature, wardrobe and much more! It can be difficult to participate in all of the fun that comes with fall when you live in the south, where it stays hot until December. Not to worry! Here are a few things you can do to enjoy your fall season, even when summer is still in the building!

Buy new candles

 It seems like the best candle scents are only made during fall. Rack up on those candles and create the perfect aroma that reminds you of fall.

Wear fall outfit combinations with your summer clothes

Take those high-waist shorts and pair it with a kimono or flannel shirt and a pair of booties, incorporate stockings, wear fall color combinations, etc. There’s so much versatility!

Have a movie marathon

The best movies are aired around this time. You can even take advantage of your Netflix and find some great fall movies to contribute to a successful movie night!

Save money for your upcoming fall wardrobe

Since the temperature won’t be low enough for a new wardrobe just yet, start saving so you can splurge when the temperature finally gets the memo.

Fall DIY crafts

Find some DIY crafts and create the perfect, seasonal vibe for your home!


Since the temperature is lower at night, bonfires are still appropriate and extremely fun!

Weekend trip

If you feel like all else has failed and you really want to experience the season, take a weekend trip! Take a trip to see the leaves change, go to a pumpkin patch or a hay ride, go to a football game, and anything else that the season has to offer.

Fall is what you make it! HCXO!