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What you need:

  • Scissors

  • A tee shirt

  • 2 dog collars (dollar tree)

  • Bonding mechanism (thread and needle, fabric glue, hot glue)

  1. First thing you’ll need to do is cut off both arms and bottom (if you want it to be a crop top) avoiding the design, then cut the seams leaving just fabric.

2. Measure the fabric to fit your breast measurements and subtract 1 inch. Make the shirt half that length and bond it together. I used a sewing machine,  but you can use whatever bonding medium you want. 


3. Hem the top of the shirt and cut a small crescent in the back to give your ladies some room to breathe.


4. Fully extend the dog collars then cut them at the longest point. Put a small piece (3 inches) of fabric at the end of the buckle that was cut free. Then measure the length for your shoulder strap by trying the shirt on.5. Hem the buckles and attach them to the shirt

6. Voila! Fashion Nova/Dolls Kill Buckle Shirt!

Love your rolls ladies and wear what you want!


Mass Media major, looking to do big things in the future! Remember my name, it'll be on the big screen one day. (In the credits, I'm not an actor)
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