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Over the years, I have lost many friends and gained many friends. However at age 20, if there is anything I have learned, it is how to be a good friend. It’s not hard to find a wikiHow article on getting in shape, and how to eat healthy, but how does one be a better friend?

From my experiences and subtle observations, I can confidently share how you can be better friend.

  1. Be truly interested in what they have to say. We all believe that we are important and dislike when others are clearly not taking an interest. If what they are sharing is boring, then ask questions so that they can elaborate. They will think you are interested, and you can add on to the conversation. 
  2. Do not make promises you cannot keep. No one likes a fake person who says one thing but never acts upon it. You will make your friend feel unimportant, and they most likely will not want to hang out or invite you to anything anymore.
  3. Hangout! This one may seem obvious, but how are you going to make memories or get closer if you don’t do anything together? Find some fun DIYs, watch a movie, or go to the mall. You will get closer and bond. 
  4. Communicate emotions. If something is upsetting you, then simply tell them the situation and how it makes you feel. Do not let the resentment build up because it may come back to bite you in the end. 
  5. Make friends with their friends. I know we have all been in that awkward situation where you don’t have anything in common but that one friend you share. Get to know them and build your circle of friends…you’ll be glad you did!
Nicole Mccoy

Valdosta '21

Attending Valdosta State University, majoring in Business Management
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