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In case you didn’t know, we just had a really powerful full moon (Harvest Moon) in Pisces on Friday the 13th of all days! This hasn’t happened since October 13, 2000 and wont happen again until August 13, 2049. This full moon brought about energy dealing with emotions, intuition and artistic inclination. Fortunately I was able to harness a lot of this energy to practice some healing rituals with my sister and they left me feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the rest of this week, but I didn’t stop there. I decided that I wanted to use some of this energy to give a reading for the zodiac signs. Hopefully something up here resonates with you, and if not, pass it on to a friend; there might be a message they need to hear.


Earth Signs


There’s a difficult conversation you’ve been avoiding. It’s causing you stress to think about it as well as avoid it, but you know it must be done. It’s been a bit debilitating but you should gather your thoughts and push through the discomfort. This moment in time is a test of character for you; it’s meant to help you learn how to maneuver through life’s obstacles. A lot of effort is needed on your part in order to reach a truce/peace but don’t let that discourage you. You are strong-minded and will find a way to make sure your voice is heard and listened to.



You’re figuring things out; your life, yourself and where you fit in with everything. It can be a bit frustrating, and at times it seems like you don’t have the support you’d like in your relationships (platonic or romantic). If your intuition is telling you some people don’t have your best interest at heart, trust it and move accordingly. Above all, be patient–what you are trying to manifest will take time. For now, just focus on healing. You are experiencing intense emotions, and instead of trying to fight or repress them, you should work through them. You are so much stronger and closer to your goals than you think. Though you are not finished with your challenges, always remember your strength and know that you have the ability to make it through anything.



You are on fire Virgo, killing it! Don’t let external circumstances define who you are. You are bright, bold, and incredibly powerful. You fearlessly go for what you want, and that is a trait to be cherished. You might get a bit caught up in your decisions: trying to do what you think is the “right” choice. There are no right or wrong choices; you hold the key to your destiny. Whatever you choose opens a path that is meant for you. Try to make your decisions in a calm and just manner, and this might help with some anxiety you’ve been feeling. You could also benefit from some down time. Reconnect with your higher self to reflect on your purpose, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you notice that you are surrounded by people who aren’t adding to your life, take a step back. You are your first priority, and your needs (within your relationships) are important too. 


Air Signs



Be more assertive with your energy. Think carefully about what you want, how you plan to get it, and then be stern about your execution. What’s meant for you is for you, never forget that. You’ve been dealing with a lot of disappointments it seems, but always try to look at it through a “Glass Half Full” lens. These are not setbacks just areas to remind you of your growth. Forgive others and yourself for how things have happened but know that you don’t have to wallow in those memories. You’ve come so far and deserve some love and self-compassion for how strong you are and continue to be.



You’ve been on a roll, feeling on top of the world. You’re a risk taker and that will work out in your favor just remember to balance out your impulses with rational thinking. If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to slow down and process your environment before moving forward. Keep an eye out for those around you who appear friendly and helpful. All advice is not good advice. Trust what your gut is telling you and try your best to see through any manipulative tactics. 



You’re balancing a lot and feeling on edge. Slow down! It’s okay to take a break or to have an off day. This is a time for you to plan out your next move; rushing will not lead you to the outcome you’re hoping for. Take time to adjust to your environment. You have a journey ahead of you that will require you to be more conscious of your actions and decisions. Make sure the people around you are stable and have the ability to give you what you need in your relationships. This will help you on your path but can hinder you if you decide to ignore your intuition. 


Fire Signs



Keep your head up through life trials. Right now you might feel like you are on a journey to nowhere, but that’s incorrect. You’re being guided by the highest up and most importantly don’t forget about the strength within yourself. Know that this path will be full of ups and downs but never doubt that you will find your way. Show gratitude for the ones in your life who you can count on and live in the moment with them. When it comes to making decisions, trust your gut. Don’t be too hasty to get to where you want to be in life by jumping the gun. Be patient. 



Things are starting to look up for you, but that doesn’t mean stop or halt your efforts. Obstacles have not ceased, and things might get a bit frustrating. When this happens concentrate on centering yourself so that you can begin again. You’re being protected by your guides and ancestors, and they are telling you “You hold the power.” Don’t be afraid to let go of expectations and dive head first into new opportunities; however make sure these opportunities are in your best interest. Continue to forge your own path and be true to yourself. When it comes to your goals, please plan and use logic. Your emotions tend to get in the way, but that could lead to setbacks in this moment. Take your time to think and always show gratitude for how far you’ve come. 



You’re at a point in your life where you are feeling a bit out of sync with your purpose and confused on where your life might be headed. This could be because of instability within a relationship, job or school, or this can be a result of soul searching. It’s important to remember to take your time trying to figure things out. Meditation or venting to a trusted person can help alleviate this feeling. You have someone watching over you who is encouraging you to take a moment and recognize all your accomplishments. It can be a little tough to see the light at the end of the tunnel but know that there is one and that you will reach it.


Water Signs



Give more consideration to the projects you’re working on. It can be beneficial to talk with someone that you trust; they can help to redefine your vision. Once you’ve done that and figure out what’s the best move for you, GO FOR IT! Don’t let others get in your head and take away all the hard work you’ve done. You will reap the benefits of what you sew. It can be tough for you to balance your emotions right now, but know that you’re not alone and have others in your corner who are willing to help/listen. Be unapologetically yourself. You are authentic and powerful; let that fuel you to continue going after your dreams



You are going through a very transformative period and things seem a bit crazy and out of whack. Take some time to look within and work to keep yourself grounded. This will help to keep you sane. You have a long journey ahead of you that will require a lot of effort. You tend to isolate yourself when it comes to completing your goals, but try not to. Don’t be afraid to lean on those who support you. Try your best to keep cool and stay level-headed through this process. As long as you’re taking accountability for your actions and making just decisions, things will work out in your favor.



You have been isolating yourself or holding back on your feelings. You’re trying to plan everything out to ensure that it’s the right moment to say something. You’re overthinking a lot, but you don’t have to (easier said than done). You are more in control than you think. Don’t let your overbearing thoughts cloud your judgment; trust yourself. Don’t forget to give yourself the love you want. You are a catalyst for it, and the more you neglect giving it to yourself the further you stray away from it in your connections with others. Know what you need in order to feel fulfilled, but try your best to be understanding of those who cannot give it to you.


I hope you’ve gained some insight for the week ahead. HCXO!

Viola Davis

Valdosta '20

"What is done in love is done well" -Vincent Van Gogh "This section is supposed to be a small portion about me and I feel like this quote from Van Gogh describes me to a t." Viola is a very loving person/artist, sensitive, and passionate about everything she does. Viola is an introverted soul trying something different, and wanting to share her interest with you. She's all over the place and tends to be a bit unorthodox but you'll enjoy it. Viola is an Art Education Major with a minor in Psychology. Her dream is to work in New York as an art therapist for children with special needs.
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