Homecoming: Expectation vs Reality

Returning to your alma mater always comes with a rush of emotions and excitement. It's something about returning to the halls you once roamed and reminiscing. However, your expectations are not usually the reality in most cases. 


Expectations: you’ll run into old high school friends and it’ll be like old times!

Reality: You’ll run into old friends and wonder what happened. 


Expectation: Your favorite teacher will be just as excited to see you as you are to see them.

Reality: Your favorite teacher retired when your class graduated



Expectation: You’ll feel like you’re at home

Reality: You’ll feel like you’ve invited yourself to someone else’s home.



Expectation: Everyone will be excited to see that your back

Reality: No one even knows who you are.



Expectation: You’ll think about how your life is now compared to when you were in high school and feel stagnant

Reality: You’ve grown. You’re more adult now than when you thought you were in high school. You’re growing and learning, now, it’s time to give back.