Homecoming Do & Dont's

YASSS!! It is my favorite time of the semester HOMECOMING SEASON is upon us, and that means parties, lots and lots of shenanigans this week! From club hopping, going to different day parties, house parties, meeting new people and just staying busy. Here are the official do’s and don’t’s of homecoming week from yours truly ( p.s. these are just my personal input)

The Do’s

Do all your work in advance.

Professors do not care that this is our homecoming, they care about that homework you did not turn in or that pop quiz you were not prepared for because you wanted to turn up. Literally just pick one day to sit down and go to the library to complete all of your work for the week. Don’t let homecoming be the reason why you start to slack. Remember homecoming is only for a week, a bad grade is for a semester.

Do drink plenty of water.

During homecoming, you'll be on the go constantly. The heat plus all the dancing you'll do is draining. Drinking water and eating are essential. Water will keep you hydrated and eating keeps you energized. Passing out in the middle of the club is something we want to avoid this homecoming season. 

Do carry cash. 

Cash is very important this week. The clubs you will be attending probably will not have a card reader or you never know if you have to split the cost of a bottle. Me personally I am literally that friend that never carries cash but always end up needing cash for parties. So to save yourself and your friends the hassle, just withdraw some money. Its easier to deal with.

Do keep your phone charged this week.

Keep your safety a priority. Anything could happen so make sure you can be reached at any time. My friend's cellular devices are never charged but this week I will be making sure that they charge their phones.

Do use the buddy system.

Ladies and guys, I CANNOT stress this enough, do the buddy system. Real talk if your homegirl/homeboy is a little buzzed DO NOT let them out your sight. Anything can happen! If one person has to go to the bathroom then everyone has to go to the bathroom. For example, I went to a party last year and the people I came with left me.... I felt betrayed, mad, and scared. This homecoming please don't make your friends feel this way. You guys came together so you stay together and leave together. 


The Don’ts

Do not drink and snap.

Honestly, homecoming is about having fun not posting everything on social media. Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter do not need to see you or your friend passed out drunk. 1) that’s embarrassing and 2) you never know who’s viewing your page. Your future boss could be scrolling through twitter one day and see a video of you passed out

Don’t wait the last minute to get your party tickets.

Homecoming can get pretty expensive if you haven’t been budgeting for it, so don’t wait until prices for everything goes up!

Don’t skip class.

Some professors here know that its homecoming and they will give you pop quizzes or extra points for being in attendance during this week. Just be careful on what classes you choose to skip.


You saw what I typed in bold and capitalized, right? Drinking and driving are not cute. You are putting your life, your friend's life, and innocent bystanders live in the way. If you and your squad are drunk you can call Uber, a cab, or even Tipsy Transit. Like Madeintyo said, “Uber everywhere.” 

DON'T do too much. 

Don't feel the need to attend every event or party. Everyone has limits to the amount of turn up they can take. If you’re a homebody it’s okay to skip out on a party or two

DON'T forget to network.

Let's be honest homecoming is fun and all but, it is also a great chance to network with Valdosta Alum. Meet as many people as you can, and exchange information with ALL of them. #WorkWorkDontStop.


You only get to experience college once, do it right! Get lit. Do a split. Shoot that shot