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Homecoming Court 2015: Eric Roberson

Name: Eric Roberson 
Major: Exercise physiology 
Classification: Senior
Fun Fact: I was born in Germany!
HC: Tell us about yourself!
ER: I have 8 brothers and sisters. I love to eat and workout as well read magazines and books. I’m adventurous there aren’t many things I won’t try especially when it comes to food!
HC: What are your aspirations in life?
ER: My aspirations are to be a successful entrepreneurs who is able to give back to his community and still live well!
HC: What are you involved in on campus?
ER: I am the creator and President of Model Mentors. I am the President of National Pan-Hellenic Council. I am a VSU Ambassador and the Community Service Chair for Kappa Alpha Psi.
HC: What are you currently doing to influence students on campus? 
ER: I am a blazer inside and out. I bring positivity, hard work and ambition to the campus as well as promoting health and wellness to the student body. I also have be aided in bridging the gap between Greek councils.
HC: If you were crowned Homecoming King, how would you use your title to impact our campus?
ER: To be an inspiration to young men and women alike. To show them that you don’t have to settle for anything. With a team of people behind you and a strong mindset you can accomplish all that you set before yourself.
HC: What sets you apart from other candidates?
ER: What separates me is that I cover all aspects of college life such as academics, social activities, as well as health and wellness to the entire student body.
Voting begins Tuesday, November 10th on Campus Connect! HCXO!
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