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Homecoming Court 2015: Brianna McCarthy

Name: Brianna McCarthy

Major: Communication- General Speech

Classification: Senior

Fun Fact: I want to get my pilots license, but I am terrified of heights.

HC: Tell us a little about yourself:

BM: My name is Brianna McCarthy and I am a Communication- General Speech major. I am 22 years old born and was raised in Atlanta, GA, so you can say that I am a true city girl at heart! In my spare time, I like to catch up on movies and listen to music. I love being involved in the community as well as on campus. I put one hundred percent into everything that I do, and I try to surround myself with people that value the same things. My family is everything; I am hoping that all my hard work now will pay off later so I can take of my loved ones.

HC: What are your aspirations in life?

BM: My aspirations in life are to become a Marriage and Family Therapist. I am hoping to open my own private practice in the years to come. I’ve always told myself when I was younger that I want to do something that impacts someone in a positive way. I am a firm believer that one man or woman can change the world, and one day at a time with every interaction I am hoping to plant that seed of change in the world. I like to break barriers that I don’t normally see women in, one of which being a pilot. I am hoping to find time to get my license to fly private planes in between owning my own practice. 

HC: What are you involved in on campus?

BM: I am the 2015-2016 CAB Live officer; I am Responsible for scheduling live performers for events.  Which includes concerts, comedians, speakers, talent shows, etc. I am also responsible for ensuring a diverse variety of live events for VSU students to attend. My academic memberships include the following Lambda Phi Eta National Honor Society for communication, National Society of Leadership and Success Valdosta State University Chapter Sigma Alpha Lambda (SAL) a national leadership organizationI am also a former member of the following organizations, BSL (Black Student League) and Collegiate Women of VSU.

HC: What are you currently doing to influence students on campus?

BM: Currently to influence the campus I started by bettering myself first. I have gotten more involved on campus by joining and becoming an officer of one of the most influential organizations that represents the student body as a whole. Becoming a part of CAB has given me the unique opportunity to reach my peers in more ways than I thought. Under CAB my committee board and I have come up with a new campaign this year called “CAB Cares,” where we will dedicate a day to just doing community service on and off campus.

HC: Why should you be chosen for Homecoming Queen?

BM: I believe I should be chosen for Homecoming Queen because I am more than just a pretty face. I am very involved on my campus from working, planning events, and volunteering at different events on campus. Overall I believe I am a great representation of Valdosta State University, I take pride in my school and it shows in everything I do on and off campus. I am a woman who stands for empowering and uplifting others to peruse their true potential through any given opportunities such as this. I am hoping to use this wonderful platform to encourage others to step outside of their comfort zones to challenge the norms.

HC: If you were to be crowned Homecoming Queen, how would you use your title to impact our campus?

BM: If I was crowned Homecoming Queen I would use this platform to motivate others to step outside of their comfort zones and challenge themselves to do things that they wouldn’t normally do. I would also motivate my peers to get more involved in and outside of our beautiful campus.

HC: What sets you apart from other candidates?

BM: I believe what sets me apart from other candidate is that I am just an average girl. I am not a cheerleader or apart of a sorority, I am just a girl going for something she’s always wanted to try.  I’m running not for just the crown but to prove to myself that I can do anything that I put my mind to despite my internal fears.

Voting begins Tuesday, November 10th on Campus Connect! HCXO!

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