Homecoming Aftermath: As Told By Gifs

Homecoming week is officially over and it’s time to come back to reality! This is the moment we were dreading all weekend. Everything we put off for the weekend is coming back to haunt us! Here are the stages of what we like to call “Homecoming Aftermath” (as told by gifs)!

You’re “done with drinking...........for now."

You vow to never go out for the rest of the semester.

All the homework that gathered dust on your desk is due at one time and you haven’t started on any of it!

You have a test the day we come back for classes and you didn’t study because you lived in the club all weekend.

Everyone is exhausted from the weekend so the campus looks like a zombie town.

You’re still trying to get over that hangover you had on Sunday!

You can’t buy your “Monday morning survival coffee” because you blew all your money on homecoming festivities.

For my seniors, the senioritis has taken over and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.

Your professors are wondering why no one is participating in your 8AM class on Monday morning (as if anyone ever does).

It’s about that time to start going to your professor’s office to see about that extra credit they swore they wouldn’t give at the beginning of the semester.

You’ve started the countdown for Thanksgiving break already!

It's okay, ladies and gents! Thanksgiving break will be here before we know it! HCxo!