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Holiday grief was very unfamiliar to me until 2019. I had never dealt with a major loss until then. Now that it is 2020, it's even worse suffering from a deeper loss. I feel like it is a topic that is ignored or pushed to the side a lot. But, I am here to tell you that you are not alone! I always believed that I was weak for my grieving process or that I was doing it wrong until I realized that there is no right or wrong way to grieve. Some days you think it's over, then other days come along and hit you out of no where. Holidays truly remind you that grief cannot be wished away. But it is fine to allow yourself to grieve.

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As women we are seen as the strong ones. We always have to be strong for others around us because it seems as if we are so good at it. Being younger, it was easy relaxing while our elders do the hard work. Now getting older and losing someone who always had everything in order is hard. Do not resist your grief or your feelings, but work towards something that you need to acknowledge your feelings. My best suggestion is doing something to honor your loved one(s) in attempt to bring joy! You are not alone in the process. 

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I prefer to go by Kei. I'm a senior in college attending Valdosta State University and an eyelash technician. Writing is my safe space and my favorite way of communicating. I have a lot of improvement to make, but I still have a passion for it. I want to write a book some day, but until then, I express myself through journaling and blogs.
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