Here's Your Reminder (You Got This)

I’m a senior in college, one year left until graduation (I know it seems like a while but it’s technically more like one semester), and I’m super excited about the field I’ll be going into--education. Lately, my program has been getting more and more intense. I’m starting to visit the schools more often and most of my days are spent planning my next lesson to teach to the children. I love what I’m doing! To think that teaching in my own classroom is right around the corner is such an amazing feeling...but it’s also really really scary!! I’m already an anxious person, but when you combine that with the nerves of teaching 100+ children on my own along with transitioning from ‘student’ to ‘the workforce’, it starts to seriously freak me out. I can’t be the only one who gets that feeling right? Maybe you’re about to graduate, move to a new city, or maybe you dropped out of college. Either way, I’m sure we can all relate to those intruding thoughts of “Can I really do this?”, “Am I sure I’m ready for that?”. They seem to take control and riddle me with doubts and fear. So, I decided to list just a few tips to remind myself and anyone else who needs it, You Got This! 



It’s okay

    Please know that it’s okay to have some of these thoughts and feelings. (A) They show that you actually care about what you’re doing, and (B) you are preparing yourself for a new journey in your life, and that shit’s scary. Every new aspect of your life is going to require a new you and even if things are rocky at first, you’ll find your footing; don’t give up on yourself.


Take it one step at a time

You should try your best to take things one step at a time. Don’t think too much about a future that doesn’t exist yet, you’ll overwhelm yourself and that doesn’t do you any good. Focus on right now and things you can do to help get you to that next point of your life ie. changing your spending habits, improving your work ethic or becoming more organized. 


Embrace the unknown

    There’s no way of knowing what will happen next in your life, which can be terrifying...but it can also be incredible. Any time you’re scared to take that step or make that next move, it just means there’s an opportunity for growth. Don’t fall back into your comfort levels, embrace that opportunity, lean into it and never be afraid to fail. You will learn so much and I promise you, you will find your way. 


“Doing things I’m uncomfortable with to get to a place I’m comfortable with.”
-Rob Hill Sr.