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Finally, the semester you thought would never arrive is finally here, your last semester of your college career. At times it may feel surreal to think that in just five months you will be a college graduate and off in the real world. Other times you may feel nostalgic as you remember when you first got to college realizing how the time has flown by. While you go back and forth between these mixed emotions, remember to remain focused because you are not finished just yet!

 Create long terms and short term goals for yourself. 

Just like you’ve done in previous semesters, it is vitally important to write down and plan both short term and long terms goals. Stay just as motivated as you have been for the past few years. Make sure all assignments are turned in ahead of time and begin to apply for potential jobs for after you graduate.  

Are you job interview ready?

The reality is you will interview for many jobs throughout your first few years post graduation. Familiarize yourself with job interview questions you should be prepared to answer as well as ones to ask a future employer. Know both verbal and non-verbal communication between you and the employer. Remember to take advantage of career opportunities and resources your college has to offer. They often can help with getting you prepared for job interviews as well as resumes and cover letters.  

Know how to create the perfect resume. 

Studies show that employers spend less than a minute looking over a resume. What does this mean for you? This means that your resume should be able to catch the employer’s eye. Be sure to include specific words and short phrases that your future boss can’t miss. Make a goal to have a nearly perfect resume half way through your final semester.  

Find ways to relax. 

As scary and stressful as your last semester may be, don’t overwhelm yourself! Use the knowledge and lessons from your prior semesters to guide you through your last. Remember not to fill your plate with more than what you can handle and always prioritize yourself.  

And most of all… enjoy it!

More than anything, remember to enjoy your last semester! Don’t overthink everything and don’t over work yourself. Enjoy all the things college has to offer because it can be a beautiful experience. Before having to go out into the real world enjoy your last few months of not having to worry about other things. Once in while go out with your girlfriends, have random adventures as you did at the beginning of your college career. Remember to always take care of yourself first! 


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