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Halloween Preparation: Costume Edition

Now that October has finally arrived, Halloween is right around the corner and we can offcially make plans to have a great Halloween! One thing that all Halloween fanatics can agree on is the importance of a great costume. You can be as scray, goulish, creepy, or seductive as you want. You can pull from any genre or time period to create your master piece. There are a number of ways to execute your perfect costume, but the biggest mistake that some Halloween goers makes is by making a costume out of someone else’s culture. This year as you plan out your costume make sure it is not offensive or derogatory towards someone’s culture. 

Blackface, Yellowface, & Brownface​

Trying to acheive someone else’s skintone so you can wear it as a mask and costume is not only offensive, but it is disrespectful. No one cares if your favorite character is black, or if you are one sixteenth Native American, offensive is offensive. Many costumes that “depict” cultures normally showcase the most sterotypical aspect of that culture. So, not only are your promoting racism but you are promoting a stereotype towards a group of people that has been commercilized by popular media. 

Do not dress your kids as someone else’s culture

It is not cute on a child, it is not amusing on a child. A child in a culture other than their own is a problem, it still insults a group of people. If you use the excuse that little Sally wanted to be her favorite character from whatever movie you are still to blame. It is a disservice to allow your child to grow up thinking this behavior is okay. An adult will not verbally or physically assualt little Timmy and Rebecca, but when they grow up they might be surprised by the reactions and hands they receive. Teach them while they are young!

If you are confused or unsure ask yourself a few questions. . . 





Toni Miles is a Mass Media Major with aspirations of writing, producing her own documentaries, and directing short films in the future. 
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