Guide to Maintaining a Long-Distance Friendship

I am from South Carolina, so that is where all my family and friends are. I met new people here, so I was more busy with the people around me than those six hours away. The best way to maintain these relationships is to talk them on the phone, text a lot and always hang out once you are back home.

I love talking to my friend Kelley because we have been best friends for fifteen years. We have eight or so hours in between us, so we don’t talk every day which is fine. Our friendship can handle that, but if there is anything that bothers me at all and I need her opinion on something, I can always get it. She helps me the most because she is outside of the situation and can give me the best advice. We text each other every couple of days to see how things are going and what is new in our lives. I say stay in touch especially about big things that are happening in your lives. Make sure to always answer their calls and call them randomly if need be. I really wish to call my best friend more.

I love going home and seeing my family, but it is always fun as hell to see my girl again. We catch each other up on everything that has happened since we last saw each other. Hug your friends and be super excited about your time together just like this.

We talk about our roommates, friends, school and more. We talk about the past because that is one thing our new friends don't have in common with us. We come together just like we were never apart.

I recommend for anyone to maintain long-distance relationships; you need to do what is best for you and your friends. It is best to talk about how you feel in a relationship. If you all want to call each other every other day or see each other every day when you all are back at home, then do that because each relationship is different and requires different things. You need to have fun and make each other feel good. Don’t forget if they are your best friend, then y’all can get through almost anything, even distance.