Graduation Re(Cap)

The 2016-2017 school year is finally coming to a finish. Invitations have been sent, pleas have been made for a grade boost, and those finals you’ve studied for are things of the past. All your hard word has paid off and your undergrad year is practically over. Your years at Valdosta State University have altered you into who you are at this very moment… a college graduate. I’m sure there were nights when it seemed surreal and even far-fetched. As soon as spring semester rolled around your countdown to graduation became all too real. The pressure of knowing what you wanted to major in— to what career path to follow has come full circle.

We’re sure you made changes to your life plan, and more changes are to come. One thing is for sure, you’ve come very far and you still have a long, bright road ahead of you. If there is any way to commemorate such an occasion, decorating your grad cap takes the cake!

Here are just a few of VSU’s grad cap decorations that have inspired us to keep reaching, because there is so much to attain.

Candicee Childs Chemistry Major, Spanish Minor.

Geneva Crooks Bachelors of Arts in English, emphasis in Journalism.

HC Valdosta President, Michaela Leung, Bachelors of Fine Arts in Mass Media and Cross-Training in Journalism.

Congratulations to everyone graduating this Spring, all your hard word has paid off! Her Campus wishes you much success and happiness.