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Girl Power Featuring Female Celebs


With everything that’s going right now, especially in politics, it’s no secret that we as women are capable of achieving anything. From the late 1800’s starting with the first women’s rights convention held in Seneca Falls fast forward to 1920 when the  19th Amendment was added to the Constitution granting women the right to vote. Now we witness history in the making as we watch women get close to the presidency. Even though the famous saying states “it’s a man’s world”, women have been working hard to make it both an equal world. Here are some female celebrities who believe in feminism.  

Ellen Page  

Best known for her performance as a pregnant teenager in the 2007 movie Juno, Ellen Page is a modern day feminist. She is a vocal supporter of the access of the contraceptive pill, Plan B. This made her a target for heavy abuse when she tweeted “so u r super mad about a 15-year-old girl being able to prevent pregnancy BUT you want everyone to have guns no questions asked? U funny!” Page had the courage to say what many of us were afraid to. Thanks, Page!  

Miley Cyrus  

Started off as an innocent protagonist in Disney’s channel hit show Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus is now known for her risky performances. When interviewed, she once spoke on her feminist beliefs stating that there should be equality. She also spoke on the fact that male rappers get to be sexual and treat women as object and no one speaks against it. Yet when she does similar performances, she’s degrading women? We live in a double standard era where women are still looked down because they are comfortable with their sexuality.  


Positive that Bey inspires any woman with her empowering music and empowering way that she carries herself. Although her music may be taken as for entertainment purposes, Bey’s lyrics will help any girl struggling to love herself or help leave a toxic relationship. She also once wrote an entire essay on gender equality, after learning that 42 million women in this country either live in poverty or are close to it.  

Alicia Keys  

This phenomenal woman recently vowed to officially stop covering up, “not my face, not my mind, not my soul, not my thoughts, not my dreams, not my struggles, not my emotional growth. Nothing”, she said. This was after she wrote an essay illustrating the struggles and pressures women go through. Since this, she’s been natural and describes this as self-empowering.  Sure enough, she has inspired many young girls and women to be comfortable in their skin.  

Hillary Clinton 

A couple of days from election day, Hillary Clinton has been the first woman to make it this close to the presidency. With this election being the most “entertaining” one just yet, America is eager to find out who will be elected the next president. Although, Hillary’s beliefs aren’t always what we prefer, Hillary’s candidacy has empowered many women all over the country. The slogan “I’m with her” has been used by many of her supporters.  

All these amazing female celebrities promote women’s rights. The main thing separating ordinary women from celebrities is their fame, knowing they feel the same about feminism inspire all women by giving us a voice. Women do face struggles and feminism is gateway to escape those struggles. 


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