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Hey Ladies, it’s that time of year again…Valentine’s Day. I know a lot of you are preparing for that special day with your other, but there are some of, you like me, that was unable to trick… I mean get someone to be your Valentines this year. Well, I have something else you can celebrate on February 14th, and it called Galentine’s Day! Galentine’s Day is Valentine’s day spent with your beautiful but also single Gal Pals. I am going to give you a list of possible Galentine’s Day activities that you could do this Love Day.

Movie Night:

If a guy/girl was dumb enough not to ask you out this Valentine’s Day, forget them because you are going to have a lovely movie marathon with your closest girls. Get some wine, popcorn, and some of the best Romantic Comedies like Love Actually and Valentine’s Day. This date is way better than being in a crowded movie theater, because that’s where everyone goes on Valentine’s Day, and you and girls can relax and speak stridently about how stupid some of the characters in the movies are being without the shushing. 

Shopping Spree:

You girls didn’t get any gifts this year, that’s fine, go on a shopping spree. It’s time we truly learn to treat ourselves! Get that fancy dress you have wanted for months now, and since you’ll be going with your best girlfriends, pull a name out of a hat and buy each other something while you are out. This shopping spree is a Galentine’s Day celebration, show your friend how much you appreciate and love them as well.

Fancy Dinner:

If you and your girls know for sure that you all are going to be unattached for Valentine’s Day, make reservations to an elegant restaurant You stunning ladies deserve to go to a nice dinner as well, just go together. Make it a girl’s night, get ready together while blasting Beyoncé in the house. Do your favorite hairstyle and pick out a dress that will top traffic. You gals will be the main attraction wherever you go on G-Day night.

New Adventures:

All the previous possible activities for Galentine’s Day are great, but there is something I think you girls should do. Take this day to do something you’ve never done and learn something about yourself. If you gals never been hiking, go hiking and experience something new together. Learn how your friendships and your different personalities play a role in how your group conquers new adventures.

So don’t feel bad this Valentine’s Day because you don’t have a Significant Other, you will always have your Gals and Galentine’s Day.  

Ketorah Frazier

Valdosta '20

Ketorah is a First Year Sociology Graduate Student at Valdosta State University. Ketorah loves to watch WWE, The Walking Dead, and Broad City. She also enjoys being a room with nothing but music playing, new and old. When she’s not doing that, you can catch her playing her PS4, and talking on the phone with her family and friends. Post-graduation, she plans to pursue a career in Victim Services, and plans to open up her own Non-Profit Organization for ALL Victims of crimes, such as domestic and sexual abuse.
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