Five Tips Every Dancer Should Follow

Okay so we're all aware that life as a creative can be difficult and sometimes us creatives aren't provided with proper outlets to enhance our talents. Dancing is one of the many forms of creative expression as there are a million of us around the world that share our story through dance, and every day we strive to get better and better. Whether you're just starting out or have been a dancer for many years, here are some tips that I have learned over the years that have helped me become a better dancer.

1. Surround Yourself with other Dancers

It's hard to walk every street on this earth and not encouter at least one dancer on a day to day basis. We're everywhere! I've learned that my ability to catch onto various dance styles has come from surrounding myself with other dancers who are pratically experts in the art of different types of dancing. For instance, when I became a member of Delta Phi Delta Dance Fraternity Inc. I noticed alot of the members were very skilled in hip hop and I was not so skilled in hip hop. I was more of a contemporary or ballet type of girl, but over a period of time, I've grown to like hip hop more and I am able to catch on to hip hop routines much faster. 


I can not stress this enough for all dancers across the world to please obtain and maintain a healthy lifestyle if you plan on pursuing dance or if you are currently a dancer. No one wants to be in dance class or on stage performing and running out of breath five-seconds into a routine. Stay healthy anf build up your endurance because alot of performers are out here having two to three hour shows with non-stop dancing, and only those who are willing to endure will make it onto a stage. 

3. Keep Dancing

You know you're a true dancer when you have gotten to the point where you're dancing everywhere you go and siezing every opprotunity to dance. I'm currently in college as of now I've learned of many different organizations that allow me to let loose and dance at various events. Whether it be a quick dance break in your room (I have those moments alot) or calling up your dance friends and have a quick dance session, you can only get better at dancing if you have the passion and the will to keep dancing.

4. Ignore the Haters

The world we live in today is so judgemental to the point where people give up on there dreams because of the harsh judgment that is recieved. IGNORE ALL OF THAT. Art is subjective and dance is art so therefore no one can tell you how to express yourself in the time of freestyling or any other moment where you're not looking to be judged and you just want to be free and dance around the room. The only time someone should judge or critique is when technique is being discussed which relates to posture or the execution of a specific dance move. Dance is an act of expression so no one should judge you for expressing what you've been holding in on the outside.


This is something else that I can't stress enough in the dance world. Being yourself is the key to being recognized. Every routine has that certain move or series of movements that allow you to execute it in a way that shows who you are. Alot of artist have tendicies to compare ourselves to others and we all want to be better than the next, and no one really understands that it takes a special person to showout in the dance world by simply being themselves. Not everyone can do that. A lot of people try to copy others thinking that it will work for them when in reality, you're better off just being yourself, and this is not something that just applies to dance, but applies to your life. 

I hope these tips were helpful along your journey to become a successful dancer and successful person. The arts aren't recognized as much as they should be, but we artist (dancers, singers, writers, rappers, etc.) have to stick together and support one another. Otherwise, who will? Peace and Love people!